Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your training better than others? 

Our training is vastly superior as it offers hands-on skills practice in the life saving skills presented (no boring slide presentations or videos). Taught by a thirty year seasoned pre-hospital emergency medical care provider and educator with field experience treating both two and four legged patients, this training is presented with a "real world" approach geared for the specific environment the student may operate in whether as a pet parent, pet care professional, animal rescue volunteer or first responder. Through repetitive hands-on skills practice, the students further increase their understanding, proficiency and retention of the life saving skills taught. Furthermore, we provide every student with a simulated demo animal and training props to ensure maximum  hands-on skills practice time throughout the class (no waiting in line to practice skills on a limited number of demo dogs!). 


There are several online programs that offer learning strictly through slide presentations/videos or are taught by "instructors" without any type of medical training/background. While well intentioned, these programs are often presented by those who are simply a pet lover who have taken an online "instructor course" and have no practical experience administering these life saving skills in a real world emergency setting. When considering attending a Pet CPR & First Aid training class, bear in mind that our classes (whether in-person or online) are taught by a thirty year seasoned pre-hospital emergency medical care provider and educator who has "been there, done that" having both administered and taught these life saving skills in an emergency. There is no substitute for real world experience!         

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Who should attend these classes? 

Anyone with an interest in "pawtecting" the safety and wellness of canine and feline pets. Taught with a "real world" approach by an instructor with thirty years experience administering/teaching pre-hospital emergency medical care, this training is geared towards Pet Parents, Pet Care Professionals (Groomer, Walker/Sitter,

Vet Tech/Assistant, Kennel Staff), Animal Rescue Volunteers, Boy/Girl Scouts and First Responders.

**NO prior training or experience is required to attend**


What skills are taught in this training?

A variety of life saving techniques are taught in a highly interactive hands-on learning environment. View

our Course Content page for more information on the skills presented in class.  


Is there a certification provided after completing the class?

A certificate of completion (valid for two years) is provided indicating the student is trained in Pet CPR

and First Aid. It is highly recommended that students repeat the class every two years largely due to the 

infrequency of use of these skills by most students (that's a good thing!). Our focus through repetitive 

hands-on skills practice is to ensure that students are thoroughly confident, proficient and maintain

retention of the life saving skills taught in class.


There are several programs that advertise a "certification" in Pet CPR and/or First Aid - as there is no governing body that regulates Pet CPR & First Aid training (other than those organizations that regulate standards for licensed veterinary medical professionals), these "certifications" are merely issued by the private training firm itself and as such have no official standing. Our focus in training is to ensure the

students gain the knowledge, confidence and skills set to ensure they are mentally and physically prepared

to appropriately deal with an emergency involving pets. Quite simply, a piece of paper never saved a life!       


Where are the classes held?


Classes can be held almost anywhere - at your home, office/place of business, school, animal shelter,

firehouse, group/association meeting place, etc. All we require of the host location (an indoor climate  controlled facility with fixed bathrooms) is tables/chairs for the students as well as ample floor space for

the hands-on skills practice - Paws N Claws 911 provides the rest!   



Our online training classes can be held "virtually" anywhere you have access to a screen. Online classes are limited to 20 students to ensure a proper student-to-instructor ratio suitable for supervision during the

hands-on skills practice (the key element of why our training is vastly superior to all other online programs). 

We're interested in training our staff/volunteers, do you offer private lessons?

Yes, we can provide training classes specifically for your business/group/team which are convenient for your schedule whether weekdays/nights or weekends. There is no additional charge for private lessons and any travel expenses (for in-person classes) are built into our registration fees so there are no hidden costs involved. We also offer our online classes featuring hands-on skills practice to train your staff at a day/time convenient for your schedule. A minimum number of students is required for private lessons - contact us with your individual needs for further details.     


How many students can be in the class?


In an effort to maximize student/instructor interaction (particularly during the hands-on skills practice),

we strive to maintain a manageable class size relevant to the facility size and in keeping with social distancing guidelines. Our longstanding policy has been that every student is provided with a simulated demo animal

and training props for maximum hands-on skills practice time (no waiting to practice skills on a limited number of demo dogs!). For large groups, contact us and we will work to accommodate your needs.  


Again, in our effort to maximize student/instructor interaction (particularly during hands-on skills practice),

we maintain a limit of 20 students in our online classes. If you have a larger group/club/staff to be trained, contact us and we will arrange multiple classes to meet your needs.     

What is the minimum age for students?

Due to the physical and emotional maturity needed to react quickly in a life threatening situation involving a pet, we highly recommend that students be a minimum of twelve years of age. If your organization or group wishes to provide this training to a younger audience or those with special needs, please contact us and we

can tailor course content relevant to your specific audience. **This training can be taught to students who

are mobility or vision impaired**  

For our new Pet First Aid for Kids online class, the recommended minimum age is 10 years and older.  

Can I bring my pet to class with me?


While we all love our pets, animals of any size/species are not permitted in the class due to logistical reasons

(fellow students allergies, facility policy restrictions, etc.). Hands-on instruction and skills practice will be conducted on simulated demo animals of various sizes to ensure your proficiency in the life saving skills

taught. **For any student accompanied by a bonafide service animal, this restriction will be waived accordingly**  



YES! - students can indeed have their pets present which they can then use to practice the hands-on skills in

a truly "live" setting. Students can also utilize a stuffed dog or cat to practice skills if their pet is not cooperative as well as during certain skills that cannot be performed on live animals (CPR/choking management). None of the skills practiced on live animals cause any discomfort or harm.  


Can I bring my child to class with me?

While we understand our students may have child care concerns in order to attend a class, in order to ensure

a suitable learning environment for all students in attendance, our policy is to only allow those age 12 and

older who are registered/paid as a student to attend class with a parent/family member.    


Note: This policy applies to both our in-person and online training classes.  

What is the cost involved?

Class includes highly interactive instruction featuring lecture, demonstration and an emphasis on hands-on skills practice as well as a detailed handbook, certificate of completion and a complimentary emergency

muzzle. A discounted registration fee per student may be available for groups, discount is based on a

minimum number of students and the class location*. View our Course Content page for a detailed overview

of each class including cost and available discounts.  

We also offer fundraiser classes for non-profit groups to easily earn funds for their mission/special projects without a labor/material/cost intensive effort ("Earn While You Learn"). Visit our Fundraising page for complete details.  


What is your payment policy/what forms of payment are accepted?

Payment in full is required prior to the class in order to secure your seat. We accept all major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express) through the secure on-line services of PayPal® (at no additional cost to you, students do not need to have a PayPal® account) as well as personal and business checks*. If paying by check, please choose the "Offline Payment" option when registering (a confirmation

e-mail will include the mailing address where to send the check). Please note that on-site  registration/payment for in-person classes is not permitted.   


What is your cancellation policy? 

In the event the student cannot attend a scheduled class, a credit will be issued for use in a future class

(there is no expiration date for a class credit). In the highly unlikely event that class is cancelled by

Paws N Claws 911, students will be offered the option of a full refund or a credit for use in a future class.        


What areas do you serve/will you travel?

With increased demand for our highly interactive, hands-on training, we serve the Northeastern US region (primarily Metro New York/New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Delaware). We will travel to other areas upon request (minimum number of students

is required). Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your particular training needs with you.

For those outside our immediate coverage area, Paws N Claws 911 now offers the availability of online training classes through the secure Zoom® online conferencing platform. In keeping with our focus on

hands-on training, our unique approach provides a live instructor who can clearly explain/demonstrate 

the skills and immediately address any questions, concerns or skills remediation needs while  presenting the information with the same "real world" approach we have established our reputation on. This ensures the student's understanding, proficiency and retention of the life saving skills taught. Experience the difference

of being taught by an instructor with thirty years field experience as a pre-hospital emergency medical care provider and educator who has "been there, done that" having both administered and taught these life saving skills in an emergency. There is no substitute for real world field experience!  Contact us to schedule a class date convenient for your group/club, organization or business!  

*Checks returned for insufficient funds will be subject to all applicable bank fees. 

*Post dated checks will not be considered a valid form of payment. 

Disclaimer: This training is not intended to replace veterinary medical care in the event

of an emergency or regularly scheduled care. Please consult your primary veterinary

medical care provider for guidance regarding your pet's health.